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Profile of the Canine Epilepsy Support Group


The Canine Epilepsy Support Group is a small charity group set up in 1991 to offer practical and sympathetic support to the owners of epileptic pets, and the opportunity to talk to people who have learnt to live happily with an epileptic pet.

The Canine Epilepsy Support Group publishes four newsletters a year, each one a 32 page booklet containing members letters, vet reports and up-to-date news of products, diets and food sensitivities, all of which assist in providing maximum help. There are lists of Local Contacts – all owners with experience of epileptic pets.

As our Chief Veterinary and Research Adviser we have Dr Holger Volk, DVM, PhD, DipECVN, MRCVS, a distinguished vet who is doing research work into finding new and safer drugs for epileptic animals, as well as running the extremely busy Neurology Clinic at the RVC Queen Mother Hospital, North Mymms. As our Adviser on Homoeopathy and Acupuncture, we have Mr Francis Hunter, VetFFHom, MRCVS, who is well known for his books on homoeopathic treatment for animals. We also work closely with two Herbalists and a Holistic Therapist who has achieved great success with many of our dogs.

Owners can be devastated by epilepsy in their treasured pets, where the diagnosis could, and still can be, that euthanasia is the only answer. We have proved many times that this is NOT the only answer. We have set out to offer alternative options, ideas and treatments, all things which have helped so many dogs, in addition to prescribed medication and veterinary care. Subject to the owners permission, we find out which foods the dogs are sensitive to and work out individual diets to eliminate these foods at the correct speed for each dog, and by doing so have achieved massive improvements in the fitting pattern and quality of life for the very great majority of dogs whose owners followed our recommendations.

The exchange of information in our Newsletters has helped build a considerable pool of knowledge of ideas, in addition to the use of conventional drugs, which have now been put into book form, available to members. (We also have cats and a rabbit as members too!)

Your pet does not have to be a shadow of its former self. Human epileptics live happy and fulfilled lives and so can your pet. Many of our members’ dogs’ work in obedience, agility, working trials and breed shows – we have even had two working Guide Dogs as members. Our aim is to help owners achieve normal happy lives for their pets, and we are here to help and support you and your pet.

The Canine Epilepsy Support Group is dependent entirely on voluntary contributions and donations. It receives no state or local authority aid.
Welcome to the Canine Epilepsy Support Group